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Straws exemption

22 Mar 24

Straws are a vital accessibility aid for many people who rely on them to eat and drink independently.

Access to plastic straws is protected for those who need them and they can be made available on request in certain settings such as pharmacies and hospitality premises.

They are also to be available for those who need them in a small number of other places such as hospitals, care homes, schools, early learning/childcare premises and prisons.

Furthermore single-use plastic straws can be supplied where they are a medical device, used for medical purposes, used as packaging or by any person providing personal care or support.

We have prepared resources for both organisations and individuals to help everyone understand how single-use plastic straws can be supplied following the implementation of a market restriction.

These can be found below.

Straw Exemption Card logo and text

Resources for organisations/businesses

Information guides for businesses

Straws exemptions cards can be found under resources for plastic straw users below.

Resources for plastic straw users