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Scottish Public Sector Benchmarking Tool

27 Apr 22

The Scottish Public Sector Energy Benchmarking Tool (SPSEBT) provides a comprehensive set of Scotland-specific energy benchmarks for public sector buildings, derived from historic energy use data.

The provision of benchmarks will support public sector building managers to improve energy efficiency and will produce a standardised dataset for all Scottish Public Sector buildings that will be of ongoing benefit in responding to current and future net-zero carbon focussed initiatives.

These energy benchmarks provide stakeholders with actionable, comparative values that act as an industry calibrated gauge, which help to understand a building’s performance on a national scale. The tool provides access to a robust and wide set of building related benchmarks, designed to support the energy, sustainability, building management, and construction sectors.

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SPSEBT provides reliable, locally sourced, and refinable benchmarks to support of wide variety of local and national agendas relating to energy efficiency, decentralised heat networks, retrofit rollout, and decarbonisation of energy infrastructures. This tool builds on the work undertook in 2018 by the Scottish Energy Officer’s Network (SEON) with UCL when energy benchmarking analysis was carried out covering 27 Local Authorities and included over 9,000 individual sites, producing a set of energy benchmarks for 24 categories of building.

Therefore, this new tool replaces any previously applicable benchmark values for energy, water and carbon related to buildings owned and operated by public sector organisations in Scotland, i.e. PSBT Phase 1 delivered by UCL in 2018.

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AMR Profiler

These free-to-use spreadsheet tools allow users to insert a building’s half-hourly electricity, gas, and water data before comparing it to a statistically generated profile, thereby allowing the user to identify times when the building’s consumption is ‘out of profile’.

The Scottish Public Sector Energy Benchmarking Tool was delivered by Building Research Solutions Ltd for Zero Waste Scotland. In collaboration with the Scottish Energy Officers Network (SEON), and the Sustainable Scotland Network, and funded by the Scottish Government. 

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