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Material Flow Accounts - Interactive Tool

22 Mar 23

Zero Waste Scotland has developed a Material Flow Accounts model for Scotland.

These accounts show how materials are flowing into and out of our economy for the first time. Explore Scotland’s material flow accounts below.

Compare Scotland’s material consumption with the UK or EU and add additional indicators, such as population, GDP and carbon footprint data.

This page is our Material Flow Accounts chart display also known as the MFA report. You can filter by Domestic extraction (DE), Imports, Imports, Direct Material inputs (DMI), Domestic Material Consumption (DMC), Physical Trade Balance (PTB), Imports Raw material Equivalents (RME), Exports Raw Material Equivalents (RME), Raw Material Inputs (RMI), Raw Material Consumption (RMC), Physical Trade Balance RME (PTB-RME) which are known as MFA indicators. You can also filter by material types including Biomass, Metal Ores, Non-metallic minerals, Fossil energy materials/carriers. You can also filter by Population, number of people, Population, Index 2011 = 100, GDP, Millions of Euros, GDP, Euros per capita, GDP, Index 2011 = 100, Carbon footprint, MtCO2e, Carbon footprint, tonnes per capita, Carbon footprint, Index 2011. The tool covers Scotland, the United Kingdom and the EU.