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How we're supporting the circular economy

13 Apr 23 2 minute read

Zero Waste Scotland provides leadership and practical support to encourage the growth of the circular economy in Scotland.

We will lead the nation to use products and resources responsibly - making Scotland a pioneer of the circular economy, just as we were a pioneer of the industrial revolution.

Our role is underpinned by the Scottish Government's target to produce net emissions by 2045. In recognition of our pioneering approach to the circular economy, Scotland won the global Circulars Award at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2017.

Key areas of our work include...

Circular Economy Business Support Service

Our Circular Economy Business Support Service delivers tailored advice, guidance, assistance and support to small and medium-sized businesses across all sectors in Scotland looking to develop circular business models.

It’s designed to help companies explore more circular ways of doing business that can result in resource efficiencies, improved profitability, higher quality products, increased customer base and alternative supply chains for your business.

Louise McGregor, Head of Circular Economy at Zero Waste Scotland, explains how we can help Scottish businesses identify opportunities and embrace the benefits of a circular economy in our short video below: 

Circular Cities and Regions

Zero Waste Scotland works in partnership with Chambers of Commerce in four areas, as part of its Circular Cities and Regions programme, to deliver a tailored programme of business engagement to identify and exploit the key sectors and businesses for circular growth.

Research and Evidence

Zero Waste Scotland is investigating new and innovative ways to conserve materials and to cycle materials and products efficiently back into supply chains and the economy.

Circular Procurement

Zero Waste Scotland is a key partner in a transnational circular economy procurement project called ProCirc.  

This three-year project is part-funded by the eco-innovation strand of the European Union North Sea Region Interreg Programme.

Skills and Education

If we are to progress to a net-zero economy, people at all levels and in all sectors will need to learn to think differently. The type of skills and knowledge needed will be diverse but achieving them will allow businesses to grow, innovate, and compete internationally and public services to improve. 

Zero Waste Scotland is working with education to deliver key government policy and influencing programmes to develop Scotland's future workforce.

Scottish Business Climate Collaboration

The Climate Action Hub is a free e-learning resource, developed by Scottish Business Climate Collaboration (SBCC) partners and delivered by Zero Waste Scotland, to help your business save money, better understand the climate crisis and win new business and potential funding through taking action to reduce emissions. 

The Hub features resources, including 12 e-learning modules on topics ranging from entry-level climate science to carbon emissions related to business practices. 

Users of the platform will also have free access to a dashboard to track carbon literacy across their organisation and the tools to calculate their own carbon baseline and develop a carbon reduction plan.