A selection of home made face masks

Face It: Making your own face covering

01 Dec 21 1 minute read

Reusable face coverings don’t need to be complicated and can include a simple piece of material worn in two, or preferably three layers.

It’s estimated that people could save around £180 each year by switching to reusable face coverings from disposables for daily use - as well as protecting your health and our planet, reusable face coverings make sense for your pocket.

If you feel like getting crafty, try making your own rather than buying, you can even get the whole family involved.

The Scottish Government has provided guidance to ensure your face covering is keeping everyone safe:

  1. Face coverings should be made of cloth or other textiles through which you can breathe.

  2. Reusable face coverings should be two, preferably three, layers thick.

  3. They should also fit comfortably but snuggly around your nose and mouth.

For extra reuse brownie points, upcycle an old t-shirt, bandana or piece of cloth rather than buying new materials. Make sure to give everything a wash before you get your project started. These pattern templates will help you get started.

You don’t even need to be a skilled seamster to craft your own face covering, watch this video and follow the simple steps to make your own.

You can find full guidance on the public use of face coverings in the Scottish Government’s Staying Safe and Protecting Others guidance.