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Circular economy in education

27 Feb 23

All young people have the right to learn for sustainability as part of living, growing and flourishing in a fair, equal and sustainable Scotland.

  • All learners should have an entitlement to learning for sustainability;
  • In line with the new GTCS Professional Standards, every practitioner, learning environment and education leader should demonstrate learning for sustainability in their practice;
  • Every learning environment should have a whole-environment approach to learning for sustainability that is robust, demonstrable, evaluated and supported by leadership at all levels;
  • All learning environment buildings, grounds and policies should support learning for sustainability;

Zero Waste Scotland has developed a range of resources to support teachers and lecturers, to embed sustainability will be embedded into primary, secondary, further and higher education. These range from bite-sized resources including food waste, recycling, energy and litter to more structured programmes that focus on enterprise and innovation.

Circular Economy Bitesize Resources

We currently have a range of cross-curricular bitesize resources already aligned to the Curriculum for Excellence, meta-skills and Sustainable Development Goals. that can adapted to your pupil's needs. These resources cover themes including food waste, waste reduction, litter, energy and climate change.

Find resources to support your learning.

YES Circular Economy Schools Challenge

Zero Waste Scotland in partnerships with Young Enterprise Scotland and teachers across Scotland designed the Circular Economy Challenge. This is a national enterprise challenge, introducing students to the idea of a Circular Economy and the impact of our society on the planet.

YES Circular Economy Construction Challenge

Zero Waste Scotland in partnerships with Young Enterprise Scotland and Dundee & Angus College designed the YES Circular Economy Construction Challenge. Introducing the Circular Economy this challenge focuses on Construction and the built environment to develop a product or service for the industry.

International Lifelong Learning Network

Our first Scotland and Finland Community of Practice event to develop an international network for green skills lifelong learning. This collaboration involved Zero Waste Scotland, Sitra, RAiSE, and Turku University sharing learnings and knowledge between the countries identifying opportunities to work with education providers, academia and business from across industry sectors to embed the circular economy in our education systems.

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