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28 Aug 23

What is the One Month Challenge?

The One Month Challenge can help you protect your bottom line and kick food waste out of the kitchen for good. 

It's a four-week initiative supported by Zero Waste Scotland and VisitScotland that's perfect for busy small and medium-sized food service settings.


Download the One Month Challenge

Our one-month Food Waste Challenge is designed especially for organisations and businesses across Scotland's food and drink sector who are keen to make a difference to the planet. 

Let us know how you got on, and share your progress with us at

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Why should you measure food waste?

Every year one-third of all food produced globally is wasted, as well as the energy and resources used to produce the food. 

By measuring food waste, your business could increase environmental credibility for customers, reduce running costs and help the planet. 

The One Month Challenge can help you

Assess your current food waste data

Measure your food waste

Analyse and share findings


Develop an action plan