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Food Waste Super Heroes!

In 2013, an estimated 1.35 million tonnes of food and drink in Scotland was wasted. 

This waste, much of it avoidable, costs Scottish households and businesses money and it has a huge impact on the environment.

The Scottish Government has a target to reduce all food waste arising in Scotland by 33% by 2025. There have been some heroic efforts so far to reduce this waste. Scottish household food waste has reduced by 5.7% between 2009 and 2014, which resulted in savings to household budgets of £92 million.

Now it’s the turn of Scottish businesses to help stop valuable food waste from being wasted. So we’re looking for Food Waste Super Heroes!

This simple competition will help your business find its Food Waste Super Heroes by engaging staff about food waste issues and getting them to identify ways to reduce food waste and start saving your business money. Your staff see and experience the day to day operational activities of the business and are in the best position to share ideas about how food waste can be tackled, so why not turn it into a competition?

All the information and resources needed to run the competition are downloadable below. The guidance document is the starting point to learn how to promote and run the competition, resulting in the identification of your Food Waste Super Heroes and many great opportunities to reduce your food waste.

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