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Developing the evidence for plastics recycling report

The evidence for plastics recycling in Scotland. 

It is recognised that decisions on investment in new facilities can only be based on a robust understanding of the market opportunity.

The Developing the Evidence Base for Plastics Recycling in Scotland report is the first stage of a broader project which will also identify the potential reprocessing and recycling of waste plastic in Scotland.

Key findings

Based on the analysis carried out it is concluded that:

  • It is necessary for collection, management and reprocessing activities to all be developed to increase plastic recycling levels in Scotland
  • These must be developed in parallel. It is not economically practical to expect one stage of the supply chain to be developed in advance of others
  • There is significant value in optimising the integration of each part of the supply chain, to optimise the quantity and quality of materials available for reprocessing
  • Scotland must be considered as an integral part of the UK plastic recycling infrastructure. New initiatives that complement existing UK recycling capability will offer maximum benefit to Scotland
  • Increasing the quality (in terms of materials specificity, cleanliness and contamination) of materials collected will increase the potential for local (UK) recycling of materials

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