Circular Economy Bill

Circular Economy Bill

14 Jun 23 1 minute

The Circular Economy Bill, laid in parliament in June 2023, will give Scotland powers and solutions to help us to consume differently, use resources efficiently, tackle waste, and boost our wellbeing economy.

What is the Circular Economy Bill?

The Circular Economy bill will help to create a way of living that’s more sustainable and that benefits businesses and citizens alike.

Scotland already has targets and commitments in place, but we must take our circular ambitions even further. 

The Bill will provide the legislative framework required to support Scotland’s transition to a zero waste and circular economy, significantly increase reuse and recycling rates, and modernise and improve waste and recycling services.

The Bill follows Scottish Government's consultation on a Circular Economy Bill, you can find more information here.

Circular Economy Bill

Why does this matter?

Evidence estimates around four-fifths of Scotland’s carbon footprint comes from the products and services we manufacture, use, and throw away.

Material consumption and waste are the primary drivers of nearly every environmental problem we currently face, from water scarcity to habitat and species loss.