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How to Reduce Food Waste

Are you looking for ways to reduce food waste in your household?

Start by planning your shop before you go to the supermarket to make sure you buy only what you need. Having a range of store cupboard basics can help you create quick and easy meals from your leftovers. And if you are stuck for ideas on how to use your leftovers have a look at the recipes on the Love Food Hate Waste Scotland website. 

Scottish households throw away 630,000 tonnes of food waste every year. Over two thirds of this could have been avoided if it had been planned, stored and managed better. Avoidable food waste costs Scotland over £1 billion.

Avoidable household food waste in Scotland would fill:

  • 5,459,770 bins
  • 36,190 bin lorries
  • 362 km bin lorries lined up (equivalent driving Perth to John O'Groats; or Glasgow to Fort William and back)
  • 524 Commonwealth Games / Olympic sized swimming pools

Zero Waste Scotland champions the Love Food Hate Waste programme that helps individuals and organisations to reduce their food waste through innovative recipes, tips on portion sizes and the correct way to store food to keep it fresher for longer.

Love Food Hate Waste

Reduce your food waste and save money with our handy hints, tips and recipe ideas

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