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How to save money on your water bill

Save water and money with our comprehensive guide.

Water is abundant in Scotland but its treatment and supply requires energy, and that leads to costs and a carbon footprint. We can help you manage your water use, and make your operations cleaner, greener and leaner.

Our free guide, Save Money on your Water Bill, reveals just how much you could benefit. Who knew an Edinburgh restaurant chain could save £5k a year with just a handful of water-saving tweaks?

You might not even realise you have room for improvement. That’s where we can lend a hand. We can help you work out potential savings and improvements by taking a step-by-step approach that includes:

  • Recording your water use – we have a free spreadsheet to keep you right;
  • Up to the minute industry standards for comparison/

Once you’ve established a baseline, we can help you implement improvements. Our quick fixes include:

  • Checking for leaks – we provide the checklist;
  • Low-cost technology, such as percussion (push) taps and pressure reducing valves/

We can also advise on the more radical alternatives for bigger water users, for example, deploying countercurrent rinsing or rainwater harvesting. We’ll guide you through capital equipment layout, installation, savings and payback period. And support you with a government loan applications if you need finance. 

We've got it down to the last drop, and so can you, with our help.

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