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Not new is the new new when it comes to key furniture trends for 2019

Harry, from Revolve certified Salvation Army in Glasgow, shares his top five furniture trends for 2019.

Looking at key trends for this season, second hand furniture and homewares have much to offer in both versatility and cost.

There seems to have been a shift generally in trends towards longevity rather than fads, where items of furniture offer a solid base which can then be dressed with a host of accessories depending on the look desired. There is more cohesion now across different trends, meaning many items are interchangeable between them This offers customers more scope when seeking a variety of items to achieve their overall desired look, and second hand can be a great solution for sourcing the individual pieces.

My top five trends that can be achieved in second hand style are: 

  • Scandinavian
  • Retro fusion
  • Maximalism
  • Statement/Individual pieces
  • Upcycling


Scandinavian style is classic, timeless, contemporary, sleek, pared back, calming, harmonious and almost serene.

To achieve the look, it requires the use of neutral shades, whites through buff and adding depth to the natural colour palette through layering textures. The word HYGGE encapsulates this style perfectly. It is tactile, incorporating natural wood, textural weave, rattan, wicker etc.

Furniture often comes in to our Dumbarton Road store that fits the bill more often than one might expect. We get occasional Ercol and Ekornes pieces that are very high quality and much in demand, but more often than not very basic Ikea pieces are a good fit as well.

Wooden tables, bookcases, rattan baskets/footstools etc are sought out for this look, with oak and pale wooden furniture being particularly popular.

This is a look very much on trend for 2019, and it straddles contemporary as well as classic styles, offering versatility and a trend that’s set to stay in fashion for the foreseeable future.

Retro Fusion

Retro fusion style has a 70s colour palette with a contemporary feel. It almost looks like revival 70s décor, with plenty of greens, mustards, ochre yellows, and tans.

The look encapsulates a vibrant, rich colour palette and warm organic shapes, with more than a nod to nature.

Again, the demand for Ikea pieces is high for this look in the second-hand market.  In terms of sofas, customers are seeking basic pieces that can be dressed with cushions. Furniture with more organic, rounded shapes is much in demand for this style with wooden oval tables particularly de rigueur. Good quality basic pieces (such as the wooden tables) are particularly sought after.

The look can be enhanced by cushions, curtains and soft furnishings.  These can then be changed when a new key trend emerges, and a new look can be achieved by utilising the same basic pieces and dressing with other accessories.

Luckily quality never goes out of style though, and experience tells us the demand for certain pieces is always there.


Maximalism style is rich jewel tones, lots of cushions, bookcase shelves filled with books, pictures, memories, slightly mismatched objects, textures and art coming together.  This is a scheme that is on trend this season, but never really goes out of style.

It is an interior style that is the opposite of minimalism and is popular, personalised, and very easy to live with.

Many companies (such as Wayfair and TK Maxx) have jumped on the popularity of this trend, realising the market for individualised décor and furnishings is expanding and how much people are willing to spend on something that speaks to them.

Those shoppers in pursuit of maximalism styles need look no further than Salvation Army Dumbarton Road.  By nature of our stock being made up of donations, which go through a rigorous quality assurance process, we have an eclectic mix of many styles, brands, types and colours of furniture.

Items particularly popular tend to be bookcases, wing back chairs, footstools, dining tables and chairs, and Ikea kallax (cube) units. This trend reaches across the entire store into curtains, bedding, books, bric-a-brac etc but the furniture is especially popular.

Eclectic tastes mean that there is always demand for items of furniture that are individual and different, which we often have on our shop floor in abundance. This style will always be popular.

Statement and Individual Pieces

Statement and individual pieces are not strictly a trend for 2019 per se, but they link into the other trends spoken about so well that they are worthy of mention. This, coupled with the fact that statement and individual pieces have grown in popularity so much at our store in recent years means they get a category of their own.

So what exactly is an individual piece? We have found that demand for standalone pieces has increased considerably, as people look for something that speaks to them, or for them, that is different from the stuff that is available on the high street. 

This is often a sofa, or a chair (wingback style is very popular), a floor lamp, a mirror, a bookcase, a wardrobe, a dresser etc. The main point is that its usually not part of a suite of furniture, but an item sourced because it stands alone.

This can be a statement piece, and we do get donations of high-end furnishings that are truly stunning. More often though its bits and pieces that appeal to our customers and they have the perfect spot for the item at home. We have a loyal customer base who have bought furniture from us for twenty plus years, and have new furniture customers every week so we’re in demand.

Our store is well known for being a place to source something different for a reasonable price, and due to this has proven popular with a range of customers from designers Colin and Justin, to BBC buyers, west end luvvies and people who just like something a bit different. Words like eclectic and niche definitely fit the bill here, but we are accessible, friendly and definitely not too cool for school.


Ok now upcycling isn’t strictly a 2019 trend either, but it continues to be so popular with second hand furniture that it would be rude not to mention it.

Our furniture is a real mix of contemporary, nineties, eighties, seventies, quality, expensive, mid-range, cheap and cheerful and everything in between. People come into our store looking for a variety of items, or sometimes just to see if they find anything interesting.

For a reasonable price, an item can be bought and ultimately reinvented. There are many advantages of this such as items being personalised, unique, tailored, cheap, creative and environmentally friendly.

A quick search on the internet takes you to the endless upcycling ideas on Pinterest, and how to guides on YouTube. This can range from a coat of paint to breathe life into some tired old furniture to , re-upholstering a chair. Our most popular item for upcycling seems to be Ikea kallax cube units, followed by sets of drawers, wardrobes and side tables.

A little imagination goes a long way, and with the help of some fablon, a staple gun, new handles or legs (eBay), some time and patience the world becomes your oyster!

Although upcycling isn’t strictly a trend for this season, the rise in popularity means that it is most definitely here to stay. Our customers buy furniture to upcycle for their own homes, or to sell on as unique, new items. The demand for items is there, and not going away anytime soon.

So, whatever style you are seeking to refresh your home in 2019 or if you’re just looking for inspiration, you could get more than you bargained for by popping in to your local Revolve second hand store.  Pre-loved pieces of furniture and textiles could offer the ideal fit to achieve your look, be distinctive and save money. 

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