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Energy and Low Carbon Heat Review 2013-17

Zero Waste Scotland has proudly been supporting the Scottish Government’s low carbon heat ambitions through the Resource Efficient Scotland programme since 2013.

This summary report has been produced as a review of the activity undertaken between April 2013 and March 2017, to consider the impact of the support and to gather learnings from the programme to inform future delivery. As a trusted and impartial advisor, Zero Waste Scotland is considered to have a vital role in the delivery of low carbon heat projects.

Some of the key learnings include:

  • Early and thorough stakeholder engagement and bespoke support are essential parts of strategy and project development;
  • Completed low carbon heat strategies identify appropriate projects and inform the scope of feasibility studies;
  • Feasibility studies are essential for determining whether time, resource and capital should be invested in a project;
  • Follow-up support, to interpret findings and build confidence in recommendations through impartial and independent advice is considered a very important part of the support offering.

The programme continues to deliver support beyond March 2017, adapting to Scottish Government’s policy needs and building on the learnings of the programme to date.

The findings and learnings detailed in this report have informed current delivery of the programme and such learnings will continue to influence delivery as it continues to adapt with the changing landscape.

Download full Energy and Low Carbon Heat Support review here

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