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Water Way to Save Money

A ten-step guide packed with practical advice on how public bodies can save water – and see the financial savings flood in – is being launched today (Wednesday 4th February) at a key stakeholder event for public sector operational resource efficiency in Glasgow.

4 Feb 15

The Resource Efficient Scotland programme, part of Zero Waste Scotland, is behind the guide which provides simple, free or low-cost solutions to improve water management. It suggests good practice advice on areas such as water cooling, hand washing, showers, vehicle washing, catering, boilers and toilet flushing.

The guide will be launched, at a key event in Glasgow with representatives from across Scotland’s public sector: NHS, local authorities, emergency services, colleges, universities, and government agencies.

Resource Efficient Scotland, part of Zero Waste Scotland, is the Scottish Government-funded programme that helps businesses and public and third sector organisations save money by using resources more efficiently.

By making more efficient use of energy, water and raw materials, Scottish organisations can deliver over £2bn of potential savings to the Scottish economy.

Resource Efficient Scotland provides free, independent and specialist support to help organisations realise those savings.

Marissa Lippiatt, Head of Resource Efficient Scotland, said:

“Water efficiency measures are not yet standard practice across the public sector and wider organisations in Scotland. While there is considerable attention on improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprint, there appears to be a lack of focus on the management of water use. 

“Today’s event with public sector representatives in Glasgow is a great opportunity to highlight the benefits of efficient water management, which can help save the public purse money and help conserve a vital resource. Our guide can help organisations introduce tried-and-tested water minimisation projects across their organisation and we look forward to helping them save money and water.”


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