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Tackling food waste is perfect cure to the ‘January blues’, says Zero Waste Scotland

The ‘January blues’ are a well-known New Year phenomenon but fear not, Zero Waste Scotland may have found the perfect cure. 

21 Dec 17

Proven to save money and time, fighting food waste could well be the simple solution to a season that typically sees Scots tighten their belts. Scotland has an ambitious target to cut food waste by 33% by 2025.

Ylva Haglund, Zero Waste Scotland Food Waste Campaigns Manager said:

“January is always a tough month when getting back into the swing of things after all the festive indulgence. Our top five New Year’s resolutions are all great ways to save time, money and feel good; while doing your bit to help tackle Scotland’s food waste challenge.”

Zero Waste Scotland is now encouraging Scots to put their best foot forward and embrace the organisation’s top five resolutions for tackling food waste for a jollier January:

  1. Swap food waste for a slimmer waist: Studies have shown that better management and prevention of unnecessary household food waste can save Scots up to £38 a month. For those on a health kick, consider reinvesting this in a gym membership or fitness classes that are a great pick-me-up from the typical January slump.
  2. Become a freezer champion: One of the most effective tools in the fight against food waste is the humble household freezer. Take advice from British Olympic curling family – The Muirheads – who recently encouraged Scots to cook and freeze tasty, homemade meals as a means of saving time and money. They even went so far as to say it was one of their top tips for sporting success while training for competitions.
  3. Keep it zipped: Zip-style bags and containers are January ‘must haves’ for those looking to save food from the bin. Chef Gary Maclean – father of five and winner of MasterChef: The Professionals – swears by his home vacuum-packer; perfect for families with busy fridges and freezers who want to get the most out of leftovers without sacrificing on space.
  4. Time for a fridge cleanse: To ensure you’re set up for success, kick-start January with a much-needed ‘fridge cleanse’. Move leftovers and items close to their use by date into your freezer to enjoy throughout January. Doing so ensures you’re doing your bit to reduce the 360,000 tonnes of good food, worth £1.1 billion, that goes to waste every year from our homes in Scotland.
  5. A souper solution: Hearty soups and stews make the most of leftover vegetables and can easily boost a grey day. Simple to make, cheap and healthy consider preparing a batch of soup to enjoy at work or as a winter warmer during those long, dark January nights.

More information can be found at: https://Scotland.lovefoodhatewaste.com

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