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Ideal Home Show shoppers – skip the tip and let us recycle your old stuff

Call the National Re-use Phone Line for a hassle free way to pass on your old furniture

22 May 14

Shoppers visiting the Ideal Home Show Scotland this weekend will find a stand with a difference, as Zero Waste Scotland will be there promoting an amazing service to address one of the key issues buyers face when purchasing a new piece of furniture – what to do with the old one being replaced.

The National Re-use Phone Line is a completely free service developed to reduce the amount of furniture and large electrical items that end up in landfill each year in Scotland.  Over 12,000 tonnes of sofas were landfilled in Scotland last year, and the phone line is part of Zero Waste Scotland’s drive to ensure as many items as possible are re-used, upcycled or recycled instead of being thrown away.

By simply calling 0800 0665 820 you can avoid the weekend trip to the tip and arrange for a local re-use organisation to collect your item and pass it on to somebody else to use.  

Iain Gulland, Director of Zero Waste Scotland, commented: “Large items of furniture can be tricky to deal with when you’ve reached the end of your use for them, and usually people end up giving up part of their weekend taking heavy and cumbersome items to the local recycling centre in their car, where they will often be sent to landfill. Our phone line takes all of the hassle away, as our drivers will come direct to you for free, and we’ll make sure the item goes on to be enjoyed by someone else.”

Common items picked up by the service include sofas, washing machines, fridges, dining tables, chairs and desks. Many items picked up are sent to second hand stores which are accredited as Revolve stores, a quality standard for second hand shops that meet high standards and levels of customer service.

Visitors to the Ideal Home Show Scotland can pop by the Zero Waste Scotland stand to find out more about the National Re-use Phone Line, the network of Revolve second-hand stores and enter our competition to win an amazing hamper of upcycling books and products to help you give new life your old stuff.

For more information on re-use in Scotland, visit the Recycle for Scotland website.

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