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European Commission Withdraws Circular Economy Package – Zero Waste Scotland Comments

Zero Waste Scotland has commented on the news that the European Commission will withdraw its package of measures on the Circular Economy, and reintroduce “more ambitious” proposals in 2015.

17 Dec 14

Iain Gulland, Chief Executive, Zero Waste Scotland, said:

“The European Commission’s previous package, which has just been withdrawn, represented a heightened ambition to develop a circular economy across Europe, and we don’t want to lose momentum on this important agenda. We believe the benefits of a circular economy are many – from tackling climate change to creating jobs, growth, and a more resilient economy - and we will continue to make the case for action within Scotland and beyond.

“We look forward to seeing proposals early next year from the EC which it claims will strike an even more ambitious note, while individual member states and regions like Scotland can continue to pursue their own plans.”

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