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Efforts increase to stamp out waste at local food festival

A local food festival, set to take place this weekend (Saturday 24 September) at Cawdor Castle, has unveiled ambitious plans to stamp out waste and reduce the environmental impact of the event in a bid promote the importance of waste reduction and recycling. 

19 Sep 11

Living Food at Cawdor Castle is a celebration of local, organic and artisan food produce, which also hopes to promote sustainable living.  Leading by example, event organisers have committed to compost all food waste from the event, as well as waste from public amenities.  Recycling bins will also be put in place around the castle grounds during the event. 

Other waste-reducing efforts include an online booking system for exhibitors and visitors, a system which takes effect for the first time this year and will help to reduce paper waste created as part of the event. 

Event co-ordinator Melanie Newdick said “Living Food exhibitors are local, organic or artisan food producers so it seems entirely appropriate that we consider all aspects of the environment when planning Living Food at Cawdor Castle. Next year we plan to do even more by ensuring that Living Food meets the BS8901 Sustainable Events Standard and we are very pleased with the progress we have made this year.”

This sustainable approach to event management has been applauded by Zero Waste Scotland, the organisation set up by the Scottish Government to deliver its Zero Waste Plan.  

Betsy Reed, Head of Campaigns for Zero Waste Scotland, said:  “If Scotland is to achieve its goal of a zero waste society, it is important that we take every opportunity to reduce the waste we create and recycle more.

“Living Food at Cawdor Castle provides a fantastic example of an event whose organisers are taking practical, commendable steps towards reducing waste and recycling more.   Zero Waste Scotland is pleased to support this event and through our own exhibition at the event, which will promote our Love Food Hate Waste campaign, we hope to help local people in the community learn tips over the weekend about how they can reduce food waste in their own homes.”

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