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Circular Economy Bill Consultation

The Circular Economy Bill establishes the powers and legislative framework we need to support Scotland’s transition to a zero waste and circular economy.

Everyone has a role to play in responding. Communities, businesses, the third sector, the public sector (including local government), and the people and communities of Scotland.   

Packages outlined in the ‘Delivering Scotland's Circular Economy - Proposed Circular Economy Bill’ consultation include: 

Strategic interventions

Including views on having a circular economy strategy obligation every 5 years, having enabling powers to set statutory targets in relation to the circular economy and the proposed establishment of a circular economy public body.

Photo of a person holding a clear glass marble with the blue sky and trees reflected
Person looking through clothes in a second hand store

Reducing and reusing

Including measures to ban the destruction of unsold durable goods, environmental charging for single-use items and mandatory reporting of waste and surplus.


Including proposals on strengthening the approach to household recycling collection services, statutory recycling targets for local authorities and incentivising waste reduction and recycling. 

Photo of a father and daughter putting milk bottle into recycling bin
Photo of flytipping at the side of the road

Littering and improving enforcement

Including a new penalty for littering from vehicles and the proposed seizure of vehicles linked to waste crime.

Help shape Scotland’s circular future

These consultations are a chance to have your say on how the Circular Economy Bill is shaped. Covering everything from general consumption to construction; recycling, to food waste, and beyond, it takes into consideration the everyday opportunities to make more sustainable choices and decisions.

You can play your part in Scotland's circular future by taking part in the consultation before it closes on 22nd August 2022.

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