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Land Audit Management System

The Land Audit Management System (LAMS) is a quality inspection system for Local Authorities.

It is used across the UK to monitor grounds maintenance, but which can provide a total street scene quality score by including street cleansing.

The Association for Public Service Excellence’s (APSE’s) Performance Networks use LAMS to measure the local environmental quality and benchmark against other local authorities. 

Why is it used?

LAMS is primarily used by parks and open space maintenance and street cleansing departments and is intended to help identify cost savings, demonstrate value for money and identify innovative approaches to service delivery. Local Authorities can use it to highlight the value for money and quality service these departments bring to an area.

Local council services that subscribe to APSE’s performance networks receive regular detailed reports on cost, quality and productivity as well as customer satisfaction levels.

How is it used?

LAMS requires users to identify a number of transects across a Local Authority area and undertake inspections over a given monitoring period. These transects must include a number of different amenity types or ‘zones’:

  • High amenity e.g. town centres;
  • General amenity e.g. approaches to towns; and
  • Low maintenance e.g. woodlands.

By assigning a quality/cleanliness grade to each of the transects within each of the different types of zones, an overall picture can be established as to the cleanliness and quality of a local authority’s environment and their performance measured against other authorities.

LAMS records data on:

Ground Maintenance and Street Cleansing

  • Litter levels
  • Presence of detritus
  • Fly-tipping occurrences
  • Dog fouling count
  • Bins overflowing
  • Levels of graffiti

Ground Maintenance Only

  • Ground maintenance standards
  • Presence of weeds

Where can I find more information?

If you would like further information on LAMS and how it used visit the APSE website.

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