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Sunnyside Primary School’s #DrainCampaign

Sunnyside Primary School’s principal teacher, Lisa Perrie worked closely with Zero Waste Scotland to develop the get #LitterLiterate schools resource and has continued to provide valuable input into Zero Waste Scotland’s Litter Prevention Programme.

In 2018, pupils at Sunnyside Primary School in Glasgow made a discovery that shocked them and decided to try and make a difference.

Hunting for nurdles along Scotland’s scenic coast can feel a world away from inner-city life in Glasgow’s east end.  But after joining several beach clean-ups at the village of Arrochar on Loch Long, Sunnyside Primary School pupils and staff realised that they were far more connected than they thought.

Working with Zero Waste Scotland, Marine Scotland and the Marine Conservation Society they learned that they weren’t just part of the solution. They were part of the problem. 

The pupils discovered that although the iconic shores of Loch Long are around 40 miles from their urban school in Scotland’s biggest city, most of the marine litter found at Arrochar wasn’t created by local people, it came from towns and cities......it came from them.

The 'Sunnyside Primary School’s #DrainCampaign' case study highlights our partners' work, as part of Scotland’s National Litter Strategy.

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