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Paperless Ticketing at Historic Environment Scotland

Historic Environment Scotland has worked with Zero Waste Scotland on a number of projects, involving recycling, and litter & flytipping prevention on their sites and across the wider historic environment.

Scotland’s historic sites attract unprecedented numbers of visitors each year, with Edinburgh Castle alone now drawing in more than two million people annually. This reflects the nation’s booming tourism sector and the challenges which that brings to operating sustainably.

As climate change has become a climate emergency, conservation efforts are widening to tackle some of the issues which modern-day sightseeing brings to centuries-old monuments.

Historic Environment Scotland has committed to reducing their carbon emissions to ‘Net Zero’ from their 2015-16 baseline level by March 2045. Waste and litter prevention is just one area where they are making a difference.

The 'Paperless Ticketing at Historic Environment Scotland' case study highlights our partners' work, as part of Scotland’s National Litter Strategy.

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