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Circular Design Webinar

Join our webinar to hear about the benefits of circular design for your business and how to practically approach the concept.

Location : Online,

Date : From 26/01/2022 - 15:00 to 16:15

This workshop is hosted by Zero Waste Scotland and will introduce the concept of circular design, highlighting the value of repair, remanufacturing and recyclability during the design of a product or service, ensuring that materials are kept in use for as long as possible.

Josie Warden is Head of Regenerative Design at the RSA, where she works with communities, businesses and policymakers on shifting linear and extractive models towards becoming circular and regenerative by design. Josie will talk about the importance of design in achieving a circular economy, across products, business models and approaches to problem solving, sharing real world examples and practical questions to explore in your own business.

Christoph Bengtsson Lissalde and Jacob Andreas Lützen are creative designers and consultants in Denmark. Christoph holds a Master Degree in developing products for circularity and builds digital products and content for brands across Denmark. Jacob is a consultant at the Danish Technological Institute and in the project management team of the grand solution project Circle Bank.

Christoph and Jacob will introduce the Circular Product Design tool and discuss how circular product design can enable a circular strategy. The tool is designed to visualize the link between strategic decision making and specific design initiatives and work as a navigation aid when planning circular transitions.

Mark Burns is Director of Rhinowash, a family run company designing and manufacturing commercial and industrial pressure washers from their Scottish HQ. Mark will describe how circular design has played a role in the quality, durability and serviceability of their product.

Daniel Sutherland & Ben Durack, Co-founders of Aberdeen based Origin, will talk about the power of good-design in relation to plastics, tooling, technology, life-cycle and the circularity that can be embedded within the design process.

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