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Public consultation

The Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland sought views on Scotland's deposit return scheme.

Before the launch of the public consultation on 27th June 2018, Zero Waste Scotland undertook a full programme of engagement with key stakeholder and representative bodies for trade, industry, manufacturers, retailers, and local authority groups. These activities included a one-day stakeholder event, key stakeholder groups, 1-1 interviews, gathering of written evidence, and a programme of communications including a stakeholder newsletter.

During the consultation phase, we heavily promoted the opportunity to input to all stakeholders, via all our communications channels and nationwide programme of engagement, with events in all 32 local authorities.

Since the consultation closed on 25 September 2018, we have continued our programme of face-to-face engagement with all of the key groups and parties interested in a Deposit Return Scheme, to ensure their views and evidence is taken into account in the development of a preferred scheme design later this year.

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