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The background

Scotland is the first country in the UK to announce its plans for a deposit return scheme for drinks containers. Zero Waste Scotland advised the Scottish Government on the design. 

We have recorded how Scotland got to this point, undertaken consultation exercises nationwide with both stakeholders and the public, and collated learning from that extensive research. All this information is freely available here on our website.

Scotland’s journey to a deposit return scheme
Illustration showing a journey

Scotland has a history of introducing successful recycling, waste reduction and circular economy initiatives. Our timeline highlights key milestones on our journey.

Our role in Scotland's deposit return scheme
Illustration showing person in centre

We have been tasked by the Scottish Government with advising on the design of Scotland’s deposit return scheme, working with partners to provide support and advice on its implementation.

Find out more about the role Zero Waste Scotland is playing in Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme.

Research and evaluation
Illustration of evaluation

We have completed a range of research projects to help inform decisions about Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme.

Read our research 

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