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Waste (Scotland) Regulations - Resources

There are a wide variety of resources to help you business meet the requirements set out in the Waste (Scotland) Regulations.

Re-use and Recycling Directory

The Re-use and Recycling Directory is a search tool that provides information on re-use and recycling services in your area.

Recycle for Scotland poster creator

Use the Recycle for Scotland poster creator to develop all the bin signage you need to ensure your employees understand what and where to recycle.  You’ll also find lots of free professionally designed posters to help you raise awareness of your campaign and encourage staff to recycle. 

Webinar - How to get staff recycling effectively

Recorded webinar on how to get staff recycling effectively. Anyone who manages staff or influences others with staff management responsibility will find this useful.  

It is particularly relevant to operations managers, environmental managers, HSE managers, HR and internal communications professionals, or members of management teams engaged in business improvement.


Read our guide on ‘How to get the best waste management solution for your organisation’ a seven -step procurement process.

Webinar - 7 steps to getting the best waste management contract for your organisation
Scotland’s Resource Sector Commitment

You can also check to see if your waste management contractor has signed up to Scotland’s Resource Sector Commitment. Scotland’s Resource Sector Commitment is an initiative backed by the Scottish Government that is designed to set consistent standards for business waste collections.

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