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A report on a design action plan for the circular economy in Scotland (2015)

More than three out of four decisions directly influencing materials selection and manufacturing processes are determined in the design phase and over 80% of the ecological costs are determined before the product is even created. 

As such, design, in terms of product and service development as well as managing the development process is fundamental for the circular economy. Therefore, the success of the circular economy requires business model innovation to realise value invested early in the design stage.

This report provides a qualitative analysis study to outline the areas of action for us, and others, to target their efforts in making design a core part of a circular economy thinking for companies and the products and services they deliver.

This study looked from the perspective of the design community by engaging with a wide range of interested parties to develop an action plan for us to consider in its operational delivery and as an enabler of change in Scotland.  


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