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Our volunteer programme

Our programme supports 15 groups of local volunteers that work in a range of communities across Scotland to help householders to save money by reducing food waste. 

The groups also work on a range of activities that encourage members of the community to make the most out of local re-use opportunities as well as repairing and sharing household products to make things last longer.

Within different communities the groups provide support to help people to recycle more effectively by recycling more of the right thing.

  • Volunteer activities - there is a wide range of activities that the groups will deliver in their communities. Some the most popular type of activities that will take place include:
  • Cookery demonstrations – these are practical examples of what anyone can do in their kitchen to make the most of the food they have and minimise the waste produced.
  • Workshops – these are hands-on activities that provide direct experience in repair, up-cycling and some of the skills that are useful to have for reducing waste in the home.
  • Talks – drawing on great local knowledge, volunteers can give engaging talks on some of the issues and actions that can be taken to reduce food waste, recycle more or re-use, repair or share things to make them last longer as well as other related topics.
  • Swap events – at these events members of the community will be able to bring items that they no longer use pass them on to a new home and even find something new for themselves.
  • Litter picks – some of the groups will occasionally organise litter picks or help out at local litter picks to help make a practical difference to the local environment.
  • Repair cafes – these are great opportunities to get together with neighbours and other members of the local community and share with each other some of the tips for repairing household items and learning some new skills. 
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