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Maximising value from agricultural ‘waste’

Report identifies high-value opportunities from co-products and residues of Scotland’s agricultural industry.

Scotland is known across the globe for its food and drink. However, in growing and processing the produce we export the world over we also generate millions of tonnes of co-products that currently have limited use and value.

A new report by SEFARI (Scottish Environment, Food and Agricultural Research Institutes) looks in more detail at eight of the main types of ‘waste’ products, identifying new routes for these that would not only prevent them being wasted but also contribute to the Scottish economy.

Key findings

  • There are significant opportunities for sequential recovery of value from the same feedstocks, so one ‘waste’ material could have multiple high-value uses;
  • Many bioresources, such as manure and potato tubers, can be turned into energy or fuel – with the potential to replace fossil fuels and non-renewable energy sources;
  • The opportunities identified in the report can be achieved while existing farm practices continue, thereby adding value – and often using existing facilities and machinery.


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