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Litter & fly-tipping engagement

An overview of litter and fly-tipping engagement for members of the public.

Communication plays a key role in engaging and motivating us to change our behaviour. It's one of the key themes of the National Litter Strategy. We need to engage within our communities to motivate others to take responsibility for their waste.

What engagement is taking place?

  • A suite of communications materials has been developed. Based on research conducted into public perceptions of litter, it's designed to be used by organisations, communities and individuals. 
  • Litter Action Plans are being developed with partners and communities to promote proactive action around tackling litter and flytipping;
  • Through Keep Scotland Beautiful, the Clean Up Scotland campaign is engaging with thousands of individuals and communities to help clean up and prevent litter in their communities;
  • We are working with communities to put a firmer emphasis on tackling the problem at source by supporting community led initiatives that prevent litter being dropped in the first place. 

What can I do to support this?

  • Make use of the Context Specific Messaging at a local level. For example, the residential materials available could be used in your street to help prevent litter in your local area;
  • Organise or take part in a clean-up event with a focus on engaging with volunteers around prevention. Boost local community spirit, empower local people to take pride in their area and play a part in preventing and reducing littering;
    • Involve local businesses, groups and individuals;
    • Promote your event and the outcomes in local press;
    • Make it a regular thing with different themes throughout the year or tie it into other events in your area;
    • Use the Context Specific Messaging materials to promote prevention;
    • You can register your event with Clean Up Scotland and also order a clean-up kit;
  • Work with your wider community to transform hotspot areas to prevent litter and fly-tipping and provide spaces for the community to use;  
  • Support any communications campaigns nationally or in your local area. Use social media to spread the message to your community of friends;
  • Encourage your friends and family and wider community to take responsibility for their waste;
  • Make use of and promote the National Re-use Phoneline to pass on your unwanted furniture and household items;
  • Report local litter and fly-tipping hotspots to your Local Authority.
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