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Last chance: funding to help businesses in Scotland to improve resource efficiency

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Scotland are being encouraged to apply for funding to help them implement resource efficiency improvements, with a last call for funding available through Resource Efficient Scotland, a programme delivered by Zero Waste Scotland.

16 Oct 14

The SME Implementation Fund has been designed to help organisations overcome money and time barriers by paying for personnel as a short-term skilled resource to undertake a specific project with a focus on raw material use, waste prevention, energy use, or water use.

Applications to the fund will be welcomed for a wide range of project proposals, including requests for manpower to drive forward a building improvement programme such as upgrading lighting, heating or insulation; or specialist contractors to look at how to optimise or reduce packaging.

It has so far proven popular and effective, with Dundee-based Scotherbs and Airdrie-based Rowan Timber having both benefited from the funding.  Scotherbs reduced its packaging and herb waste, saving £26,000 in just six months; while Rowan Timber minimised joinery process waste in order to reduce operating costs, realising annual cost savings of over £51,000.

Applications are welcomed from small to medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as organisations such as Business Improvements Districts (BIDs) wishing to work with groups of businesses to address resource efficiency issues.

Marissa Lippiatt, Head of Resource Efficient Scotland said:

“The targeted funding and support provided by Resource Efficient Scotland has helped Scottish businesses save tens of thousands in operating costs. The deadline for applications to the fund is the end of October, so this is a fantastic opportunity for Scottish businesses to get in touch and find out if they’re eligible.  Using energy, water and raw materials more efficiently could benefit the Scottish economy by £2.9 billion.  Often SMEs find that a lack of time, money or access to the right skills prevents them from making these changes and accessing their share of the savings.

“I’m therefore delighted to highlight this funding opportunity, and would encourage any business in Scotland to apply for it.”

Resource Efficient Scotland provides free advice and support to help organisations use energy, water and raw materials more efficiently. 

Businesses interested in cutting costs through using energy, water, and raw materials more efficiently are also encouraged to check out the Resource Efficiency Pledge at pledge.resourceefficientscotland.com.  The initiative makes it easy for businesses to identify and commit to actions to reduce resource use, with local signatories including Glasgow Airport, Network Rail and Standard Life.  

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