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Join the fight this Food Waste Action Week 2021

Take action against climate change by reducing food waste.

It's never been more important for businesses to cut their costs and make savings where they can. For the planet, cutting food waste means cutting the speed of climate change. 30% of man-made global greenhouse gases are created from the production and consumption of food, and there’s never been a better time to take a stand and stop it going to waste.

The inaugural UK Food Waste Action Week will take place from 1st – 7th March 2021 and aims to raise awareness of the impact of wasted food on the planet.

We all have a role to play to value our food and stop it from being wasted. Zero Waste Scotland is here to support you in making it happen where you are.

How you can make a difference this Food Waste Action Week:

Save your organisation money with our free Business Support

  1. Funded by the Scottish Government and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), we provide a free consultancy support to help cut your businesses’ food waste, save money, and associated carbon emissions.

    Our advisors have already identified potential savings of nearly £8 million for recommended opportunities, and 40,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide - the equivalent of running a fridge for a year for 85,839 homes.

    Apply now

  2. Bespoke behaviour change programmes 

    We understand that staff behaviour is fundamental to change when it comes to food waste prevention.  

    We will work with you to develop a bespoke food waste behaviour change programme for your organisation.  Our team of specialist consultants will establish the root causes of your food waste and develop targeted interventions to catalyse change. This might include communications, social learning, interactive training, masterclass sessions, workshops, recognition, and reward incentives. 

    We will measure the impact of success using before and after food waste measuring. This allows you to set targets to achieve long term reduction in food waste, save money, and gain better understanding of staff attitudes and motivations, all of which will play an important part in your journey towards net zero.

    Email us to sign-up, or to find out more. 

  3. Sign your business up for free ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ training

    Now that we find ourselves spending more time at home, it’s even more important to look at the food we’re cooking and make sure we’re making the most of it and wasting the least.

    We’re offering free virtual training for your staff or community that will provide them with Love Food Hate Waste hints and tips on how to cut food waste at home and save money in the process.

    Contact our training coordinator to sign up, or to find out more.  

  4. Food Redistribution Matchmaking Service

    Our food redistribution matchmaking service is aimed at rescuing food that would otherwise be wasted and where there is no other redistribution solution in place. We connect suppliers with surplus produce to organisations that can benefit from it, with the benefit of providing quality food to those who can use it as well as protecting the environment.
    Contact us about your surplus food.

  5. Become a Guardian of Grub today

    WRAP’s Guardians of Grub is aimed at empowering professionals from across the hospitality and food service sector to reduce the amount of food thrown away, in order to maximise your profits.
    The campaign is suitable for everyone in the sector, from Michelin star restaurants to local pubs. It is about making simple, low-cost changes to the way food is bought, prepared and served that can help reduce the amount of food needlessly thrown away.
    We know times are tough, but when you are ready, we are here to help you take action against food waste.
    Email the Zero Waste Scotland food and drink team for advice and support, or phone us on 01786 433930.

  6. Help raise awareness by sharing our Love Food Hate Waste Scotland social media content throughout the week

    Find us at:



    Let’s make a stand together this Food Waste Action Week, so we can all help save food, our profits and the planet.

You can also find the full set of communication resources for the week on the WRAP website.

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