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How we can support business to develop circular economy business models

We are helping Scottish-based businesses to adapt their business models to grow the circular economy. 

Our role is to support, stimulate, and encourage businesses to develop or adapt their business models, while also championing a marketplace which embraces the circular economy.

We can provide fully-funded support to business to develop and pilot a circular economy business model.

Specific support actions may include:

Innovation and Analysis

  • Support to identify potential circular economy business model opportunities
  • Assessment of commercial/market potential

Business Case and Model Development

  • Development of a business case for key decision makers in a business
  • Development of a commercial case for customers, supply chain etc

Pilot Implementation

  • Identification of potential partners and clients
  • Support for implementation of pilot projects
  • Assessment of opportunities to scale-up pilot projects


  • Evaluation of business impacts and resource savings
  • Promotion of learnings from pilot projects and development of case studies

Next steps

If you are interested in finding out more about developing a circular economy business model please contact Cheryl Robb

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