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Health & safety standards

Scotland’s Resource Sector Commitment (SRSC) was launched in 2013 with the aim of raising standards across the Scottish resource management sector, and for Signatories to demonstrate support for Scotland’s zero waste ambitions.

Signatories initially focus on continuous improvement of their customer service standards, to deliver high quality collections to businesses across Scotland in line with the Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012.

The Commitment aims to build on this by introducing a set of Health & Safety Standards, and to develop a consensus from all Signatories to raise awareness and competency levels across their operations.

The Scottish resource management sector acknowledges that fatalities or harm caused as a result of otherwise avoidable accidents are not acceptable, and the Commitment aims to encourage Signatories in adopting procedures and precautions that will help achieve the ambition of zero harm.

Meeting the SRSC Customer Service Standards demonstrates that Signatories are committed to high levels of awareness of health & safety throughout their business.

The SRSC Health & Safety Standards is for existing signatories; if you are not currently a signatory and are interested in becoming one you must first complete SRSC Customer Service Standards. For further information on the SRSC please email ResourceCommitment@zerowastescotland.org.uk

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