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The Glasgow Bike Shed – bringing new life into old bikes

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Greg at The Glasgow Bike Shed – a Glasgow based Community Social Enterprise run by volunteers that recycles bicycles from a variety of local sources and promotes safe cycling in town.

Zero Waste Scotland | 28 Feb 11

Refurbished donated bikes and re-usable parts are reconditioned and sold in the shop. All other parts such as steel, aluminium, alloys, rubber etc are dismantled for scrap and recycled.

In addition to this they also offer bicycle related training at low prices and advice to local communities such as puncture repair, bike maintenance and cycle training. Some of the workshop space is available to customers two days a week to visit and to use the tools to repair their own bikes, under the supervision of their mechanics.

The project is committed to promote cycling and re-cycling in Glasgow and Greg even asked if I would like a crash course in safe cycling, as I am moving to Glasgow, we shall have to wait and see!

They are open Tuesday to Friday from10am to 5pm for volunteering and donations, Saturday from 9.30 to 4pm for bike and parts sale and Sunday 11.30 to 4pm for bike and parts sale and repairs while you wait.

For more information about this wonderful project why not visit: www.glasgowbikeshed.org

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