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Food Waste & EWWR

Scottish households throw away £1bn worth of food every year. 

That’s 600,000 tonnes of food that could have been eaten.

When asked, 62% of us think that throwing a bottle away is worse than throwing food away. While both are bad, food that is put to landfill continues to cause harm beyond the bin. Trapped in plastic, it releases methane gas, a greenhouse gas 25x more harmful than CO2. Globally, if wasted food was a country it would be the third biggest carbon emitter – just behind China and the USA.

Even the smallest changes in our daily lives can make a big difference in our local environment and help Scotland move towards becoming a more sustainable and resource efficient society where food is valued and not wasted.

Scotland has an inspirational and ambitious food waste reduction target of 33% by 2025. What action can you take to help us meet that goal?

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