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Circular Economy Education and Skills

Welcome to our circular economy education and skills online community.

This is an ambitious, pioneering and collaborative partnership project working across Zero Waste Scotland, educators, enterprise, sectors, homes and communities. Here we will see our journey to net-zero where we live, work and learn.


Through the development of digital partnerships, we aim to establish an online community to drive circular economy education and skills across Scotland sharing resources, learning, stories and the steps we can all take towards net-zero.

The activities and resources in this area will help you discover more about the circular economy and net-zero - what it is? why it is important? and, how it impacts you?

They are designed to support parents, carers, teachers and young people with home and distance learning. 

Each resource and activity links to the Curriculum for Excellence and Sustainable Development Goals and states the age suitability, from P1-S2.  They are designed to be interdisciplinary and will help develop essential skills in numeracy, literacy, communication and problem-solving across different subjects such as maths.

We look forward to joining you on your learning journey about the circular economy and net-zero.

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