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The doctor will see you now

We’ve got a really exciting digital campaign launching today that we wanted to let you know about.

Each week, three Scottish ‘Design Doctors’ – professional upcyclers Emily Rose, Treemendus and Very Vintage - will give people three options of how a piece of furniture could be upcycled. People will be asked to vote for their favourite design and our Design Doctors will then create the winning look and post pictures of the results on Twitter and Facebook along with an accompanying ‘how to’ guide. We’ll have seven pieces over the coming weeks, each sourced from a different Revolve-accredited store.

We’re hoping to show everyone just how much potential there is in second-hand items, no matter how old and tattered they might look to start with. We want to show that creativity and fun can play a role in helping Scotland meet its zero waste ambitions.

Revolve is a reuse quality standard for shops who sell second-hand goods in Scotland. The brand is only awarded to retailers who demonstrate a high level of excellence, both in service and product – making it safe, easy and inviting for everyone to buy second hand items.

Environment Minister Dr Aileen McLeod said:

“Scotland’s Revolve programme is a great way to empower people to upcycle household items instead of throwing them away – and this is a concept that makes sense for business, industry, the public sector, and individuals. As we approach an expensive time of year in the run up to Christmas, this campaign is the perfect way to look at saving a bit of money and having the opportunity to be creative with some of your household items.”

Izzie Johnston, Reuse and Repair Programme Area Manager at Zero Waste Scotland, said:

“Our innovative Design Doctor social media campaign is all about encouraging people to overcome any uncertainties they may have about upcycling, and providing them with the skills and confidence to give it a try. The campaign centres around getting people involved and being interactive, so we’re really excited to see the results.”


If you’re inspired to have a go yourself, look out for a wealth of hints, tips, vines, videos, blogs and how-to guides that we’ll be sharing, or use the hashtag (#DesignDoc) or Facebook comments section to ask the Design Doctors a question – they’re here to help!

Follow Recycle for Scotland on Facebook and Zero Waste Scotland on Twitter and get voting!



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