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Comment: COP26 first draft of final agreement

Iain Gulland, chief executive of Zero Waste Scotland, said:

“The time to act on climate change is now. In response to the draft final agreement, I would echo all calls to action. However, we need to turn this seven page draft into a concrete plan that has immediate action.

“There are no mentions of consumption or food waste in the draft agreement. To truly end our contribution to the climate crisis, we need to rethink how we consume. Around four-fifths (80%) of Scotland’s footprint comes from the products and materials we manufacture, use and throw away.

“Meanwhile, food waste is a global problem with serious environmental, economic, and social implications. Overconsumption and waste within the entire food system needs to be addressed because there is a clear link with the climate crisis. Plus, when food goes to waste in landfill, it emits harmful, planet-warming methane, which is many times more potent than carbon dioxide.

“Zero Waste Scotland is in a unique position because we exist solely to help businesses and citizens live more sustainably. We have the ear of the government and the voice of the people. Together, we should move towards a circular economy in Scotland and around the world. It can be done, but only if we’re bold, brave, and radical.”

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