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Circular economy skills demand in Scottish manufacturing

In the circular economy, products are designed to last. New products are created by remanufacturing and reprocessing older models, and they are repaired where possible. 

Together with Skills Development Scotland, Zero Waste Scotland considers the new skills and training required for a circular economy. The Scottish manufacturing workforce will need to be equipped with a complete circular economy skillset. 

Zero Waste Scotland is leading on a partnership with key stakeholders, such as Skills Development Scotland, Scottish Funding Council and Education Scotland, to introduce national skills planning and development into the education curriculum, and support employers to develop the expertise they need.

Zero Waste Scotland and Skills Development Scotland are also leading on a Circular Economy Skills and Education Hub, as tasked by the Scottish Government’s Circular Economy Strategy ‘Making Things Last’ to provide opportunities around the circular economy.

Commissioned by Skills Development Scotland, the research report has found that four out of five Scottish manufacturing businesses surveyed are aware of the main elements of the circular economy, such as recycling, re-use, repair and remanufacture. Yet, only half could say they have a good grasp of circular business models.

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