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10 ways to save money on waste event

Businesses are being invited to discover the true cost of waste in their workplace during a thought provoking new webinar. 

1 Dec 15

The 45 minute webinar entitled, ‘10 ways to save money on waste’ is taking place on Thursday 10th December at 11am.

During the event, which is being delivered by Resource Efficient Scotland, a programme of Zero Waste Scotland, those with influence on environmental performance in their workplace will learn how to take advantage of the top 10 ways to save money on waste through waste prevention, re-use and recycling opportunities.

Marissa Lippiatt, Head of Resource Efficiency, Zero Waste Scotland, said:

“The true cost of waste goes beyond the basic waste disposal costs you pay your waste contractor to empty your bins. Waste disposal bills are just the tip of the ice berg.

“When you factor in material purchase costs along with transportation, storage, packaging and human resource costs, it’s estimated that the cost of wasted materials can be up to 10 times the cost of their disposal.

“That’s money you could be saving or investing elsewhere in your organisation. Our new webinar will give your business some useful pointers in how to identify saving opportunities.”

To book your free place, visit www.resourceefficientscotland.com/events-list


Notes For Editors

  • Resource Efficient Scotland (RES) was launched in 2013 to help businesses, the public sector and the third sector save money by using resources more efficiently. It is funded by the Scottish Government and delivered by Zero Waste Scotland.
  • Resource Efficient Scotland can also be referred to as “a programme of Zero Waste Scotland.”
  • Contact Resource Efficient Scotland on 0808 808 2268, open 9.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday.
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