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Grant funding for food manufacturers to reduce food waste in Scotland

To help Scottish manufacturers achieve sustainable business growth and to help stakeholders in food supply chains to contribute to the Scottish Government's food waste reduction target, we are now inviting grant applications for circular economy.

To advance the circular economy in Scotland and reduce food waste we’re rethinking the whole food value chain – from field to shelf, reducing waste and adding value or valorising what would otherwise go to waste. We are particularly interested in projects which address waste in fruit, vegetables and potatoes with a view to keeping resources in this sector in high-value use.

Grants of up to £1m are available for projects which will drive forward innovative, transformational and cost-effective or more collaborative approaches to keeping food-based products in high value use in the food supply chain, as part of the wider £18m Circular Economy Investment Fund.

Project proposals for commercialisation are welcomed from small to medium sized businesses working across the Scottish food manufacturing landscape and supply chain including agronomists, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, product development specialists, packaging solutions specialists as well as businesses in the bioeconomy sector. 

We invite proposals from:

Small and medium sized businesses with projects enabling transformational change in the food supply chain by implementing circular economy solutions and business models to reduce waste.

Funding may be awarded to projects led by small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and supported by Scotland's academic talent; or to SMEs alone or as a group to progress innovative projects themselves.

The funding is aimed at projects at Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 4, in other words, to take projects to commercialisation stage.

We are seeking projects which: 

  • Are innovative and transformational;
  • Are pilot examples, replicable across the industry;
  • Deliver on carbon reduction, job creation and leveraged investment.

Examples of types of project which may be eligible for funding

To help illustrate the scope of projects sought some example scenarios include:

  • Software solutions designed to improve supply chain and reduce waste;
  • Innovative packaging which will extend product shelf life and reduce food and drink waste;
  • Collaborative production and supply chain models which address specific food waste issues;
  • Design of novel processes to extend shelf life and reduce waste;
  • Business innovation which creates value from by-product or what would have been waste product;
  • Equipment or machinery that will reduce food waste during; processing, production or transportation;
  • Development of packaging solutions which may be applicable to other sectors.

How to apply

Please complete the expression of interest form by the deadline of 31 January 2019. If successful you will be asked to complete an outline project proposal form and thereafter you may be invited to submit a full application.

Eligible organisations

Should the project have the potential to assist in the creation of a circular economy or improve resource efficiency, it would be eligible for funding support via the £73m Resource Efficient Circular Economy Accelerator Programme, administered by Zero Waste Scotland.  Eligible organisations are small and medium enterprises according to the European Commission definition of fewer than 250 employees and with a turnover below € 50m (further information).

Further information on the wider Circular Economy Investment Fund can be accessed online.


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