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How will we benefit from a circular economy?

Scotland can show the world another way, pioneering the use of products and resources responsibly.

A circular economy makes business sense and could save Scottish businesses collectively at least £3bn and will contribute to the Scottish Government’s aim of sustainable economic growth.

It has the potential to increase productivity and create jobs, whilst reducing carbon emissions and preserving valuable raw materials. In 2015, the Scottish Government launched its first Circular Economy Strategy for Scotland titled “Making Things Last” in which the priorities for moving towards a more circular economy were set out. 

The four priority areas identified for action were:

  • Food and drink and the wider bio-economy;
  • Remanufacture;
  • Construction;
  • Energy infrastructure;

A circular economy will benefit Scotland's economy, society and the environment:

  • Good for the Environment: Reducing our demand for raw materials and maximising the life of products and materials could eradicate up to almost a fifth of Scotland’s carbon footprint by 2050;
  • An opportunity for business: It makes business sense. By getting the maximum value out of the resources they use, they will gain the competitive benefits of forming longer-lasting relationships with customers, based on the provision of products and services rather than the sale of products alone;
  • Beneficial to people: People’s quality of life can be improved nationwide through employment opportunities across Scotland. Jobs based on service-models could create jobs, many in higher-paid roles, and are likely to be locally based.

    Visit the Circular Economy Accelerator  to be inspired by the Scottish businesses already leading the way.

    Our Global Impact

    Scotland is leading the way in the circular economy. In 2018, Scotland hosted the Circular Economy Hotspot event in Glasgow. Over 400 business leaders from across the world were inspired by Scotland's innovation and advancement in the circular economy. Watch the highlights in our short video below: 

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