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Find out more about Re-tek’s incentivised return circular economy business model. 

What is an incentivised return business model?

An ‘incentivised return’ business model is a circular economy business model which offers a financial or other incentive for the return of ‘used’ products, which can then be refurbished and re-sold.

About Re-tek

Re-tek was established in 1996 and is based in East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire. The business has 32 employees and sales representatives in Europe, America and Asia. Re-tek is accredited by many international quality, environmental and security standards.

Incentivised return business model at Re-tek

The firm repairs and refurbishes functional used IT products and sells them on to new owners, sharing the revenue with the previous owner. This includes laptops, PCs, flat screen monitors and hand held electronics.

Re-tek sources most of its equipment from medium to large-sized businesses and public sector organisations such as the NHS, and they aim to re-market as much of the material received as possible. Approximately 80% of all equipment received is refurbished and re-marketed.

Only equipment which is non-functional or has no market value goes to conventional IT recycling partners. Of the recycling output, the average resulting landfill is just 1%.

Benefits of an incentivised return business model

The benefits of incentivised return business models for Re-tek include:

• IT and electronic equipment is kept in use for longer, maximising the life of the spare parts

• Provides a consistent supply of functional, used IT and electronics to meet demand and develop to new markets

• Provides a quality stream of materials for conventional recycling

• Creates demand for donation centres, diverting perfectly useable items from landfill or recycling centres and providing income for the organisation

Want to know more?

You can download and read the full Re-tek case study.

If you are interested in developing an incentivised return business model you should  contact Cheryl Robb Cheryl.robb@zerowastescotland.org.uk

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