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Surviving and thriving in the year of COVID-19

How Zero Waste Scotland seized the chance to do business differently long-term to help end the climate crisis.

As an organisation leading national efforts to end the climate emergency our sole purpose is to help people overcome a global crisis by embracing change.

When COVID-19 hit we were already transforming our business to become more agile. So, while no one expected the pandemic or its devastating impact worldwide, we were perhaps better placed than most to adjust.

As a result of the public health crisis, we’ve fast-forwarded radical changes to how we work. Switching to permanent homeworking is without a doubt the most significant change we pioneered during lockdown. Like other businesses across Scotland and worldwide, we began working from home under orders from the government rightly imposed to help save lives as the virus spread globally. But unlike most we’ve never stopped. Instead, we seized the chance to make homeworking permanent to help end the climate crisis.

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Download and read the full Zero Waste Scotland Covid-19 case study.

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