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Scots urged to Spring into home composting

The start of the growing season is a great time to get out in the gardenand also give your compost bin some attention

Zero Waste Scotland | 13 May 11

It’s time to clear out your winter garden debris and fill your garden with bright flowers.

Composting is a great way to turn all those garden clippings and trimmings into a useful soil conditioner for your garden.  If you don’t already compost at home, spring is a great time of year to start.

Zero Waste Scotland’s top five tips to a blooming wonderful garden this Spring:

1. Rake your lawn to get rid of old growth, twigs and stray leaves and put it in your compost bin. This lets the light and air into the soil level encouraging grass to grow. Your grass will be looking lush in time for your first summer BBQ!

2. Cut back last season’s plants and add the trimmings to your compost bin.

3. Give your soil a boost by adding nutrient rich homemade compost in preparation for Spring planting.

4. Moisturise with mulch! When planting new shrubs and fruit trees, mulch heavily around the base with compost. The mulch will prevent moisture loss which means you’ll do less watering.

5. After your Spring clean, add the vacuumed dirt and dust to your compost bin.

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