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Recycle more and create wonderful new things

I hope you’ve all had a look at the latest Scottish Government Recycling campaign and seen the adverts

Zero Waste Scotland | 14 Feb 11

There are some really interesting figures from the campaign on Marina’s post below, but you might also be interested to hear of some of the things your recycling is turned into (it’s not just the pencils, rulers and other goodies given out as freebies);

  • Aerosols can become watches and cars
  • Steel cans become cars, bikes and even bridges
  • Yellow Pages become egg boxes and loft insulation
  • Old trainers can be turned into running tracks
  • Carpets can become park benches and washing up bowls
  • Glass bottles may become sand for golf courses
  • Plastic bottles can be turned into fleece jackets
  • An Old Toaster may become a steel food can.

The possibilities are endless, so keep recycling everything you can.  If you’re not sure where to take your recycling, have a look at the Sort-It website.

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