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Living food at Cawdor Castle

I spent most of Saturday with my feet on damp ground at the busy food event celebrated at Cawdor Castle. 

Zero Waste Scotland | 28 Sep 10

Actually the staff there did an amazing job of drying the place out, with lots of straw placed strategically on the grass, so that the many visitors and their cars didn’t get stuck in the mud.  Everyone was relieved that the torrential rain of the previous few days had relented and the weather stayed dry so that the large crowd were able to enjoy themselves .  I was there with the volunteers from the local zero waste group and we had plenty of interest in our Composting and ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ Campaigns. 

As well as local people, there were visitors from overseas too; all there to experience the wonderful food and drink supplied by local growers and producers. With lots of families enjoying a day out I was reminded of the Take life on, one step at a time campaign, which has some brilliant tips and advice on how to get the most out of life.  There’s articles on the benefits of healthy eating, some great recipes and even ideas on easy ways to get your five a day. There’s suggestions for familiy life with hints and tips, facts and figures and some real life stories too.   It’s well worth a visit at  http://www.takelifeon.co.uk/eat-healthier/

Most of us love our food and it’s an added bonus when you can view and buy local produce under one roof (a canvas one this time) and talk to the producers in person.  Let’s hope Cawdor Castle continue with this tradition next year too.

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