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Empty freezer

Well I have found a positive to all this snow.  I haven’t made it to the shops since Saturday (which in itself has saved me money) and as a result I have been living off my freezer for the last couple of nights and what I can get to in my veg plot (once I have scraped away the 2 foot of snow that covers it).

Zero Waste Scotland | 2 Dec 10

So I now have lots of space in my freezer for any Christmas leftovers or extra provisions for unexpected visitors like mince pies, rolls and banana loaf  (which I made from 4 very overripe bananas on Sunday).  It is amazing the meals you can pull together from lots of odd ‘bits’ that are in most freezers. 

I had some cocktail sausages left over from a party which we luckily had on Saturday, so I checked on the Love Food Hate Waste website for some inspiration.  I have put the link below.  I used cocktail sausages, mixed veg instead of the pepper (which I didn’t have) and an onion instead of spring onion (which I didn’t have either) and I have to say it was great, even my fussy family agreed.  The Jambalaya was a success, glad the website was there, I needed help!

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